In simple terms, we specialize in boosting sales … for your business.


Brick and Mortar Solutions - Transparent

 Brick and Mortar solutions

Local Advertising in your Zip, City
Advertise on Smartphones
Advertise on Google maps and Search Engines

Neighborhood Advertising (Flyer Design)
Whether you just opened your business, or have been in business for years, we can boost your business. All brick and mortar businesses primarily rely on walk-in traffic. Walk-in traffic is also known as Local traffic, or people who live nearby, say within few miles of your business.


Even for local shopping, people rely on their smartphones or social networks these days. For example, Jane is thinking about buying a pair of shoes. First thing she’ll do is either search on her computer or smartphone for a ‘Shoe Store’ where she can walk in, try on a pair and eventually buy a pair.


This is where BoostUrSite comes in. We silently standby for local ‘searches’ from people like Jane and as soon as Jane searches for ‘Shoe Store’ or ‘Shoes’ or ‘Shoes for sale’ or something of this nature, we throw in an attractive ad (advertisement) on their laptops or smartphones that shows them, hey, there’s “John’s Shoe Place” that’s around the corner and they are running a 10% Sale on all shoes!


Now, even though there may be 5 other shoe stores in Jane’s neighborhood, Jane will be enticed to visit John’s Shoe Place due to that Ad that popped up on her phone or computer. And this will continue on. More and more people like Jane will visit John’s store, Boosting his business. Customers are happy with a 10% discount, John is happy with the extra Boost in his business, and BoosUrSite is happy to make businesses like John’s Shoe Place a success.


Online & E-commerce Marketing solutions

Highly Customized Regional or National Marketing
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, elsewhere)
Video Marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
Website Enhancement & Management
Now, let’s take the same scenario above and change John’s business model a bit. In addition to having a Brick and Mortar store, John also created a nice website where he list all his shoes, but he’s not getting much sales from Online customers. His store is located in a small town in Los Angeles, and outside of that area, not much people know about his presence.
Jane from downtown Los Angeles is searching for a pair of Nike Free 3.0 online for barefoot running.


BoostUrSite does it’s magic.


Working with John, BoostUrSite advises John to strategically reach customers in his own city, and then span out to nearby cities, states and so on. BoostUrSite gets a list of product inventory from John, which includes ‘Nike Free 5.0’. BoostUrSite then uses these names (search phrases) of shoes and creates a highly targeted Online Marketing campaign for John, which includes reaching out to ANYONE searching for ANY product that John’s Shoe Place carries, within 50 miles of his store.


What this does is  that as soon as Jane searches for ‘Nike Free 5.0’ from Long Beach, BoostUrSite delivers her an eye popping ad with 10% discount coupon that lures her attention to John’s website. Once Jane clicks the ad, she finds out that John’s Shoe Place is located within greater Los Angeles area, has the shoes she’s been looking for in stock and places the order, knowing it’s a store she can visit if she wanted to.
Once again, everyone is happy. 🙂